My first week in London

Entering England. Libby and the queen. New home for the next 6 months. Getting lost in Westfield shopping center. New years eve with Nicolle. First day at placement. Oxford circus my other new home. New dress. Cocktails with Josh. Feeling lonely on the tube. Brick lane and burritos. Model fittings and sample cutting.

So I'm finally here in London and I've started my first placement. London living is a bit of an adjustment but I'm finally settled and love it. 

My placement with Anna Scholz is fantastic. The staff and other intern are lovely and I really feel welcomed and as though I fit in. The typical fashion stereotype of people is not always like it is in the movies let's be honest.

I've quickly made a little collage (above) of my week in photos to share with everyone.

I'm hoping to blog a bit over the next week about exhibitions I'm going to and even more about my placement. 


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