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Self Love Comes In More Ways Than One

The message I promote and stick by always is surrounded by self-love. Whatever that means to you, for me it's completely loving yourself so that no one else can touch or influence your happiness. Self-reliant on you so that you know you're truly happy as the person you are, in the body you are in. Coming off (pun intended) from masturbating May, a month where we celebrate self-masturbation and self-pleasure, I want to continue the importance of self (masturbating) love.

The Big Summer Get Away With Jet2 - Now Flying From Bristol Airport

Travel hasn't been on most minds since the Pandemic hit. Almost trapped in our own countries whilst Covid made its way across the globe, now that there's some normality hitting and with a traffic light system enabling you to travel Jet 2 is having a big celebration.

The Big Summer get away is all about celebrating get away this year, and Jet 2 are now flying from Bristol airport to several top summer destinations including the Balerics, Croatia and Greece. 

Dating As A Plus Size Person In 2024

Dating as a plus-size person can be difficult. It is easy to understand why: a fear of fat bodies from society, sometimes a lack of self confidence from women who are fat. There's a variety of factors that do make dating as a plus women (and even man / whatever gender you are) hard.