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The Smileo Teeth Whitening Kit Review

Teeth hygiene is so important but also ensuring my pearly whites are indeed that, white.

Tuttirouge - Perfect Plus Size Lingerie

Someone once said to me "Michaela you're signature style and go to look for me is always a piece of lingerie, either on it's own or teamed with jeans.' And well Tutti Rouge certainly make it easy to not step away from that opinion. Their comfy but modern styles are an absolute must for your lingerie draw.

Yet Again LoveHoney Plus Is A Winner

LoveHoney Plus Size Lingerie Review Wild Blossom Cardifforniagurl

Okay okay, some of you are sickkkkkk of seeing me in lingerie, where as the majority probably aren't. But hey, this is work, and I want other women/men/whatever gender you identify with to feel FABULOUS whatever they wear. And well I don't push or promote anything I don't love.