Let's Talk About Sex - Scarlet Ladies Talk Of The Town

Let's talk about sex (positivity) baby..... I was invited to an incredible meet up of sex positive women the other week at an event run by Scarlet Ladies. Held in a mexican themed bar (not relevant just really cool) I attended a panel discussion.
The following amazing ladies including the incredible Lottie L'amour were on the panel, hosted by the amazing multi award-winning journalist, broadcaster and sex educator Alix Fox.

Lottie L'Amour - queer, fat positive, sex positive, multi-award winning fashion blogger

Paisley Gilmore - Journalist, serial wanker and sex toy reviewer

Rachael Sealy - Blogger empowering and embracing black beauty

Sarah Beilfuss - co-founder of Scarlet Ladies talk and competitive bodybuilder

The panel discussions aim is to bring together real women to talk openly about key topics that affect women everywhere.  The panel has different themes, and questions brought up, and each responded with their own normal or experience. It was so fascinating for myself to have be apart of this discussion with a fat women on the panel amongst smaller counterparts. Seeing what may be the same or different for us larger women and surprisingly I found there wasn't much difference.

I walked away informed, almost a bit excited and relieved. Ive not always been so positive about sex, with bad events and memories ingrained in my brain. But over the years I've let myself become more sexually adventurous and open to the positivity of it. This talk was so engaging and I really loved everyones openness to share, and how easy I found it to relate or understand.

My own experiences and how I have coped, allowing myself to see the positives of sex, has extended down to seeing my true sexy and has allowed me to flourish in my own skin. It's allowed me to look at my body in an even positive light and has taken away any doubt I have had, especially sexually in the bedroom.

I really did have the best evening, and I'd encourage everyone to head down to one of Scarlet Ladies meets. They do several themes such as the one I attended Talk of the town, Fierce Talks, and members only events such as off the record and the Scarlet social.

Here's a few up and coming events including one this Tuesday:

June 6th - Sex Without Stigma
September 5th- Generation Sex

Check out more events here 


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