Flower Power Shoes With Simply Be

Rocking the flower and dot power this week in these block heel sandals. I always go for comfort with footwear. My big feet blister and hurt so my go to is normally a pair of trainers, but I am loving the selection on offer for wide fit and stylish shoes. A go to for me is simply be. I can guaranteed find something, and 9 times out of 10 they fit.

When I spotted these floral almost 60’s style print block heels I knew they had to be mine. There’s so many things I can picture wearing these with. For this outfit I went casual yet stylish. My favourite polka dot off the shoulder top, my new found love for Luna jeans (and a added coat as these images were shot when the weather wasn’t as glorious as it is now.)

They fit perfect and a bonus ladies, the straps have length so no struggling to do up (BIGGEST PET HATE.)
The heel adds height but as it’s a block flat form style I can see me dancing and walking away for hours in these.
The print it’s self is so so lovely. A block navy and white floral it’ll be so easy to pair with jeans or a dress.

If you’re seriously stuck for footwear and feel like giving up I’d suggest trying Simply Be. They go up size 9 in some styles with a EEE fitting. They have styles for everyone and are really leading the way for affordable and stylish shoes. I’m constantly drooling over pairs and think my addiction might slowly have to hault as I have no more room for all of them.


Flower Print Flat Form Wide Fit Shoes  

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