The Big Summer Get Away With Jet2 - Now Flying From Bristol Airport

Travel hasn't been on most minds since the Pandemic hit. Almost trapped in our own countries whilst Covid made its way across the globe, now that there's some normality hitting and with a traffic light system enabling you to travel Jet 2 is having a big celebration.

The Big Summer get away is all about celebrating get away this year, and Jet 2 are now flying from Bristol airport to several top summer destinations including the Balerics, Croatia and Greece. 

Bristol airport although not the closet (let's not forget our very own Cardiff airport) is the most convenient and easiest to get to for most of us Welshies, or those in the south west. It's a small airport but whenever traveling from there it's been nothing but calm and easy. And with the wonderful jet2 staff now to hand I can't imagine much has changed. Jet 2 have even made a handy covid travel guide page that clearly helps make sense of the travel restrictions and the traffic light system (please do note however this currently changes very quickly to align with what's happening with Covid outbreaks etc so there is always a risk of the country you're traveling to changing.)

Jet 2 is one of the top 10 airlines in the world and it's so simply to book. All holidays include flights, accom return transfers included in all bookings, infants under 2 go free or they offer single parent discounts, 10kg hand luggage is included and you can take up to 22kg allowence in the hold, there's no hidden fees and there's a 24/7 uk customer service They deliver Package Holidays You Can Trust with ATOL-protected package holidays.

I've been looking myself for a quick get away and spotted thousands of 2 to 5-star hotels to pick from, along with a variety of board options that range from Self Catering to All Inclusive Plus. & Best of all, you can secure your ideal holiday straight away with an ultra-low £60pp deposit and even spread the remaining cost with Pay Monthly.

I was gifted a hamper (pictured) with the most need items to get me on my way - These included trusty headphones, a book, some cocktails, an amazing discount to use on my very own holiday (get me outta here.) This was in exchange of informing you all of the new Bristol Hub, so you can all now fly with ease.

I'd seriously recommend the incredible where can I travel guide though on the traffic light system in place outlining what is needed in a post pandemic world. It's aimed to inform customers about new travel requirements, which destinations are in Green, Amber and Red and what new deals they have on offer. So if you're considering booking I'd definitely check this out as it makes it so much easier to understand.

So what are you waiting for? Where are you heading off to?





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