All I want for Christmas is.............

So as cheeky as it is, when buying Christmas presents for people I realised how difficult it was to find that perfect gift. With Christmas only 2 weeks away I thought I'd pop a list of things I'd love to receive (or buy myself in those cheeky boxing day sales.) Every year I always have the question thrown at me 'what do you want?' and honestly most years I reply with 'I don't know'. Last year I ended up asking for new furniture for a room I now not only don't live in but don't even use. I still when writing this can't help but feel cheeky and rude but I thought I'd utilise my Pinterest, which recently has become an inspirational back bone for ideas.

I think the hardest thing on the list to find is the Dallas look a like but a girl can only dream eh? ; ) ( unless you've got single friends ladies, who would love to date a fun, loud welsh lady.)

Has anyone else made a list like this? or have you asked for anything in particular?

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