Ample Bossom And Empreinte

ample bosom empreinte review

I was recently fitted for my bra size after a recent change in my body shape. I could tell my boobs were in desperate need of a up lift (and not in the surgery kind of way.) I approached Ample Bosom to see if they’d be interested in collaborating in a piece about the importance of fit and they jumped at the chance to help.

I for one will admit I wear lingerie until it’s falling apart at the seams. Endless hand washes (important tip ladies : it does prolong the life span of your bra) and sewing poking out wires and straps back together, it’s safe to say my bras haven’t offered much in the way of support. At the Curve Fest I was fitted and just by putting on the correct size bra, my boobs looked perky and firmer.

I’ve highlighted my top tips below on how I found my perfect fit and to help you:

  • The back size is how the bra fits around your body and it provides most of the support so it should be firm but comfortable.
  • Your band should be horizontal and not ride up your back at all. If it is loose, or it rides up at the back, try a smaller back size (but remember to increase your cup size)
  • The cup size relates to the volume of your boobs
  • The wires at the front should lie flat against your breast bone between your boobs
  • Your boobs should be completely enclosed in the cups and you should have a smooth line where the fabric at the top of the cup meets the top of your boobs
  • If your boobs are bulging at the top of the cups, or the wires are not sitting flat between your boobs, try a larger cup size
  • If you have spare or wrinkled fabric in the cups, try a smaller cup size
  • If the wires are standing forward away from your chest they aren’t supporting your boobs completely indicating your cup size is too small
  • If your cup size is too small you might find your boobs bulging over the top, edge of the cups or spilling out of the side of the cups.

Ample Bossom gifted me this incredible set below by a brand called Empreinte. I had never heard of the brand but as soon as I saw the pieces I fell in love. The quality and styles are spot on and so luxurious. I informed the amazing team what size I’d been fitted at and they advised I would probably be that same size in this brand. TOP TIP ladies. It’s good to try different sizes with different brands as your size may differ according to how they fit their products.

I had never heard of the brand before but they go up to sizes cup sizes C - H and back 46'' and size 22 in the briefs.

Empreinte is a French company founded in 1946, who manufacture high quality lingerie for all occasions. The collections include full cup and half cup bras, low-necked bras, padded bras, soft cup and under-wired bras with matching thongs and briefs in various styles.The brand really does offer styles  suitable for any occasion and person. The team and especially Sally Robinson, the owner of have all told me this is a firm favourite brand with them.

I was gifted the Vivienne Range in the Full Cup Bra and Panty .I can not explain the difference in my boobs and even my posture. The fit is spot on and the style is just so sexy. Thumbs up from my partner indeed haha.

ample bosom empreinte review

The bra sits up against my breast bone and sits perfectly on my boobs.

ample bosom empreinte review

The back sits perfectly horizontally across my back comfortably supporting.

ample bosom empreinte review

Yes I feel Fabulous!

ample bosom empreinte review

ample bosom empreinte review

The briefs even give full support and don't dig in or fall down.

Ladies, get ya boobs checked regularly and wear the correct size. I can't believe how long my poor boobs have had to suffer due to my negligence. My boobs are so thankful to the team at Ample Bosom and Empreinte that they are now fully supported and also look perky and fabulous. I'd suggest investing in good underwear. I think if you get the base right everything else will follow suite and I for one will be keeping on top and making it a priority to look after my boobs. 



  1. It is amazing what difference a properly fitted bra makes, I am measured every 6 months for my own peace of mind x

  2. Oh I really need to get remeasured! I actually can't remember the last time I did! I will definitely put this on my ever growing to do list x

  3. What a lovely set, they look great on you. I definitely need to be remeasured soon because I am not convinced i'm wearing the correct size x

  4. You look amazing! And what gorgeous lingerie, that they do a C cup makes me really happy, it's so hard to get larger back sizes in small bust sizes. Gorgeous stuff

  5. What a gorgeous bra!!!!

  6. What a pretty underwear set. You look stunning in it!

    Umber x