My Acne Scarring Journey With Pulse Light Clinic

So it’s no secret that I have bad scarring from acne as a teen. I was placed on roaccutane treatment from the age of 12/13 for roughly a year and a half and it completely cleared my skin, but unfortunately I was left with the scars that the NHS couldn’t help with. I was continuously been in search of products and make up to help my skin become smoother and the scarring less prominent.

You name it I have tried it. Acid masks, Acid treatments, thick camouflage make up, a decent skin routine and even down to a change of diet and taking supplements. And though my skins appearance has been the best it’s ever been I think my skins got to a point where I need a deeper and more in depth treatment to help.

I have had micro dermabrasion and a derma roller treatment that has helped, but this time I want to head towards a laser treatment.

Pulse light clinic are a London based clinic founded in 2000. The clinic was one of the first solely rosacea treatment clinics opened by Director Mary Maclean RGN.

The clinic has since expanded in many different areas of laser treatments including hair removal and acne treatments, using the most advanced technology coupled with techniques that ensure results.

They constantly researching and testing new lasers on the markets and hopes with this research and technology they can give a accurate and more trustworthy overview of the effectiveness of lasers for a multiple of treatments.

I went for my first consultation last night to chat about what would work best, to test out the laser we felt most suited my needs and to start an adventure to get my scarring gone.

The clinic is right near Fenchurch Street which is a stone’s throw from Bank station. Easy to find I was met with a clean space that felt calm and I instantly felt at ease. After filling in forms, I was taken in a room and explained the process. The laser best suited would be their iconic laser. It’s a fast, simple and effective treatment option that has technology that minimises downtime and recovery. It was explained how it would feel, a simple pin prick on the skin, but to bear in mind I would have in fact thousands of points entering my skin and penetrating the deeper levels of my skin. The procedure involves the use of fractional laser light, which breaks down scar tissue and triggers the production of new tissue. Essentially scar tissue is dead, and these lasers almost wake them up from the dead and allow them to regenerate and reform newer cells, which should in turn make the skin smoother and clearer. I was informed I’d probably need 3 treatments to start, each spaced by 4/5 weeks, and due to the effects of the laser I’d probably see my scarring still changing after the initial first course of treatment. This is because the lasers penetrate deep down in the skin so the collagen produced will be making its way to the top layers of skin even after finishing a treatment. I liked the idea that it isn’t just one quick fix but a progressive treatment that I’ll still see the results of weeks or even months down the line.

I had to place on black out goggles but the side of face was tested with the machine. It was a little uncomfortable but there was hardly any pain. The part of my face being tested felt warm, and I did walk away with it extremely red but there wasn’t any pain, just a small discomfort. Roughly 2/3 hours later the redness had gone, and the next day you couldn’t even see a change. I’m excited to see the results of the test, but I could already see a slight change in my skin the morning after.

I was told to keep the area clean, and given some leaflets and walked away. It was so quick, effortless and easy.

As well as it’s Fenchurch street location they also offer numerous other treatments at there clinic near Tottenham Court Road.

They have a fantastic video guide here to view.

I can't wait to test and trail with other companies and find the best company and treatment that suits myself and to continue the journey of acne scar removal.


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