Bourjois Boutique 2012 & London Fashion week

On Monday (20 Feb 2012) I made my way to London to the Bourjois boutique and to explore what was going on for London Fashion week.

The bus took a huge de tour which meant i was over 40 mins late but with this de tour I did manage to take a glimpse at the secret Location for the Burberry Porsum Fashion show. 

I met my friend Nicolle at Victoria and we made our way straight to Shoreditch to the event. It was then we managed to bump into the Bourjois Belle. Asking the secret question I managed to win the Year supply of make up with my friend Nicolle getting a prize also. 

The event was amazing. The location of the pop up store was on the Top Floor of the restaurant and bar The Beach Blanket Babylon, In Shoreditch. Along with the year supply of make up I was fortunate to be one of 50 people at the event to receive a goodie bag. 

I had my nails done and whilst sat waiting for them to dry managed to watch T4 presenter Jameela Jamil practice her lines. I was too shy to say hello and interupt but it was exciting to see what went on behind the scenes of a tv programme. 

The decor of the event was a mix of french/hollywood glamour and a sweet store. Make up in sweet jars, a pick and mix style store where u collected your products and miniature french touches. On arrival you were given a sheet in which u went around the store testing the products and writing down what u wanted to buy. the product offers were 2 products for £9 3 for £12 or 4 £14. a massive 65% saving. I liked this idea as it gave you freedom to test the products without having to carry the products around. You simply wrote what u wanted and placed your order at the end of the visit at the pic and mix style counter.

After staying 2 hours and also making more purchases to go alongside my prize, me and Nicolle left to make our way to Shoreditch house. 

As soon as we near a smell of fashion hit the air. The Mark Fast show was on in side and I was dying to try sneak in. Not feeling rebelious, we both collected a few magazines given out free and made a dash for the bus towards Oxford street.

Unfortunately I made no purchases :( (very bad day) due to my student budget not being able to stretch that far. We did however spend hours in Topshop exploring the new NEWGEN designer t shirts and the Topshop and mary katrantzou collaboration. This time I didn't make make an impulsive Jeffrey Campbell purchase (last time I visited I purchased a pair of Lita shoes on impluse.)

After visiting Liberty, Selfidges and Forever 21, we made our way to the Mulberry store to attempt to get the Mulberry Monster fashion week tote but it had sold out :'(. 

It was then time to grab food and sit to wait for the bus so made our way to Victoria where we sat and gossiped and ate, resting after a busy and eventful day.

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