must remind myself to keep more up to date

Hey guys. Been a few stressful days/weeks.

Alot of uni work and the sunshine has also been shining so I've not been on my computer but sat in the park tanning.

That's me chilling in the sun shine with some cider haha

Anyway the past two weeks I've been trying really hard to loose weight. Not so much on the exercise part , but I'm trying to sort my eating out before I start exercising.
I've been using my fitness pal and it's great. I've only had two bad says going out my target calorie amount for the day which i think is amazing. not sure how much I've lost but i feel like it's falling off me

I also made my first Asos Curve purchase's this week. After years of wanting to buy from there I got around using the MyUniDays 25% student discount.

I'm wearing the one shirt in the picture which i love. Although it does feel extremely baggy so maybe if I went for the size 18 it'd of been a better fit. Saying that I do like how long it is as I can wear it with leggings but I just cant help but feel bigger than I am in it.

Will do proper photos and a review soon though

I've got my photoshoot Monday so I'll be sure to update how it goes.

Much Love

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