Clinique - Problem skin

I've had problems with acne since my teens. After several tearful trips to the doctors and many different treatments my doctor finally decided a visit to a dermatologist was needed. At the tender age of 13 I was given a two year treatment to clean my skin.

To cut a long story short nearly 6 years later my skin had now decided to turn against me and start breaking out. I did have a regular skin routine but once at uni it went out the window and I struggled to get back in to the routine.

The easiest and cheapest solution I started to use was the Clinique 3 step range ( see picture below) . 5 years ago, my skin type matched that of the type 2 clarifying lotion. 5 years later I'm still using this type which is a total miss match to my now new skin type.

Today whilst passing through Cardiff I decided to visit the boots branch and ask about a new regime and to find out what my skin actually needed.

The woman was extremely helpful and suggested I use their anti blemish range, even suggesting I buy the soap as it lasts nearly three times as long as the foaming soap.

As I'm saving I need to wait till the end of the month to purchase my new regime but the woman willingly gave me sample sizes of the soap and clarifying lotion and informed me the moisturiser I'm using will be okay to hydrate my skin.

Tonight's the first night of using so after two weeks I'll update with the results. I'm hoping to see a change in my skin and it's breakouts so I can feel confident again and not drowned in make up.

Another problem I suffer with is ridiculously big pores. Clinique has a pore solution range, which is said to reduce pore size in a matter of two weeks. This range is also something I'd like to try out. I'm hoping when I purchase the anti blemish range I try get some samples to try.

Another thing I went to look at was make up. I need full coverage and although I use a primer to tone out the redness in my skin I still feel the need for a thick cover to make my skin look smooth and matte. The lady informed me of a new product coming in Oct so when I go back I'm hoping to test out this new pore minimizer foundation against their already released anti blemish

Hopefully with all these products I can get my skin looking flawless and I can finally start to feel confident and like an adult rather than a acne prone teenager when I move to London.

I will update with results in two weeks


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