Anna Scholz Digital Jersey Ruched Dress - Chameleon

During my placement with Anna Scholz, I’ve been extremely fortunate to not only build an amazing relationship with Anna and her team but I’ve been encouraged and motivated to succeed even more than I could ever imagine.
My full time position at the studio is now sadly over but I’m going back Fridays during the month of April to help out.  
I was fortunate to wear a Spring Summer 13 item, donated by Anna, to Plus Size Fashion weekend.

The dress has recently been placed on her online store to purchase.

The fabric, a digital jersey has been printed using a process which allows for the smallest and intricate details to be printed with an amazing array of different colouring. This print stood out immediately to me. The colours are eye catching and the snake like print overlay sets it all off to create a psychedelic like backdrop that wraps around the body. I can honestly say I felt a million dollars in this dress.

The shaping also sets the dress of. Wrapping and ruching around the key points I personally want to hide, only accentuates the best parts of my body. Nipping the waist in the right place, drapping over the chest showing just enough cleavage, and the length being just short enough to show a bit of leg. It doesn't cling to the body but flows creating (and accentuating) a curvy silhouette 

Me and the Jessica Kane

Me and Velvet ;)

This dress is all over amazing fabric and shape. I can't praise it highly enough and I can't thank Anna enough for allowing me the chance to wear it. 


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