Skin Dilemas

So I have kept no secret I have terrible skin. After FINALLY being refered to a dermatologist by my doctor many years ago I was put on the strongest acne treatment roacutane. It's recently been in the news for it's terrible side effects, which many I lucky didn't experience. I thought it was the answer to my preys but years after I have been left with disgusting scars and recurring acne .

I've learnt my skins pattern in the terms of blemishes and have found treatments that keep them at bay as much as I can. I believe it's a hormonal thing as my skins flares up certain times of the month. The thing that I can't deal with is the look of my skin.

It's taken ALOT for me to build the courage up to post this but I'm really at my wits end trying to find products to help. 

I've tried microdermabrasion like my doctor suggested and although it helped I just want blemish free skin, without piling make up on to cover it.

I can't afford laser and the doctors/NHS as per usual do not want to help.

If ANYONE has any advice or treatments or products they use PLEASE can you suggest below. 

Thanks guys



  1. I take roaccutane too. I don't think anything will ever really help and microdermabrasion only gets rid of minor scars.

    I just try and take my make up off as soon as I get home and wear as little as I can to work or when I'm not going out.

    I will be checking back to see if anyone has any ideas that can help because I'm fed up too. I wear estee lauder max coverage everyday to hide my acne.

    1. Ohh are you hun? I was on it for like a year? when I was about 15/16. The treatment was fab but since being 19/20 my acnes started coming back :(. The scaring hasn't really ever gone.

      I just find I have to put lots of layers on to hide everything and smooth things out which then in turn makes my acne bad as I have oily skin and no matter how much I take the make up off it just make things worse.

      Never ending problem. I feel more concious about that than I do my size really!! I'm hoping the summer will help as the sun does tend to help

      Thanks tho hun. I'm hoping someone can help. I've heard about something called liquid gold :s. Think I'm gunna read up on it

      I'll let you know


  2. I suffer with acne and oily skin and have done for years. Its so horrible. I find the mini pill helps mine a little as I don't get the monthly spots that I used to get. I do still get a lot throughout the month though including horrible boil like spots.
    I've made it my mission to find a skincare regime that works for me this year, so far I've tried the Benefit skincare range and did find that helped my skin a little but the spots were still there.
    The Elemis treatment gel that I have just posted about works a little, but again there are still spots there.
    I know a lot of people swear by Sudocrem, have you tried that?
    I find that something works for the first couple of months and then my spots find a way to get around it, I swear they are bionic! xx

    1. Feel the same way. I started using clinique and it helped but I think my hormones are too much to tackle and my skin has a pattern. I do find my regime keeps it at bay as much as poss and as quick as they appear they go.

      I just can't stand the scarring I have left behind from my teenage acne years :(

      Will give your post a read:)

      Thanks hun