So you may or may not have noticed my blogging came to a hault for a few weeks. 

I always get excited for May arrives. It's a month full of family and friends birthdays so not only is a expensive but it's pretty busy, this year no different.

My beautiful mother turned the good ripe ;) age of 50 this year on the 17th May and although I felt like the bad daughter for moving away this year, I made sure it was a birthday not to forget.

All the way from London (with a lot of help of friends and family) I managed to pull off a lot of surprises.

Through all of this it was my birthday on the 14th. I celebrated in London with tapas and cocktails with a few of my lovely friends the weekend before. On the actual day I went to Kingston to watch my favourite band The Story So far, followed by Title Fight on the 15th.

I then made my way home on the thursday for the weekend. My mum was spoilt rotten as you'll see from the pictures. The saturday was my day with the girls and was supposed to turn in to a mental night in Cardiff, that is before I disastrously caught food poisoning.

I never want to experience the embarrassment of being that sick in public again, neither do I want to be that ill again. I pretty sure trying to drink through it didn't help but I generally didn't want to believe I was ill. 

It kind of spoilt my weekend but I'm just thankful my mum had an amazing time. 

I'll round the little update with a few pictures from the weekend, not to bore with continuous writing. 

Tapas and cocktails

Dress- Asos curve

The Story so Far

Title fight

Me post gig -  New merch

Rocking my curves on Annas weekly newsletter

New neon talons

My beautiful mother

Suprise tattoo for my mother - I LOVE YOU :)

Afternoon tea at the Celtic Manor with the two most important women in my life - My Nana and my Mam

Rocking this little piece at my mums birthday meal

My mother and all her friends - The amount of hard work and stress that went in to keeping this a suprise

Before I fell ill - managed to take a piccy with my best friend sj

All of us together - My babe of a friend josh (top right) bought me food coz he thought it'd help me stop being ill!! Wish it did. Tucked up in bed by 9.30 whilst they all partied SUCKED


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