Monochrome Madness

Monochrome is a classic fashion trend which is stylish, sleek and chic. Lately I've been indulging in a lot of colourful additions to my wardrobe. With the weather becoming sluggish I've become drawn back to the greys, blacks and white whilst window shopping. 

I pieced this outfit together with the idea of a few drinks down the pub or a smart outfit for work. Moving home it seems all I do is either spend time at the pub and socialising with friends or unpacking (still!!!!). I've also gained myself two jobs since moving back so from August onwards I'm going to be none stop working. 

I'm hoping as soon as payday comes the majority of these items will still be available. The yes and no on the collars is such a edgy addition to a plain white boyfriend shirt. The shoes are very similar to my Zara heels. I find the front strap on them a little tight so I'm hoping to get these as I'm sure they'd accommodate my wide feet.

Have you got any of these items? Would love to know what you think. 


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  1. Monochrome Madness takes artistic expression to new heights, where the world of color is stripped away, leaving behind a captivating realm of shades and contrasts. In this captivating art movement, the absence of vibrant hues paradoxically breathes life into each piece, as artists skillfully manipulate light and darkness to evoke emotions and stimulate the imagination. Within this grayscale universe, creativity knows no bounds, and unexpected materials like gorilla glue find purpose in the hands of innovative artists, further pushing the boundaries of what monochrome art can be.