Swimsuit body

So the UK has been blessed with sun, heat and SUMMER. With temperatures reaching 30 degrees in some parts summer has well and truly arrived. 

My step mum bought a 15ft pool years ago and this weekend it came out of the shed and filled to the brim with water.

I've spent near enough every minute of the past weekend in the pool and lazing in my swimsuit. It didn't take too much guts really to post my swimsuit body. I'm proud of my shape, body and I love my shape in this swimsuit so much. It's came on my last three holidays with me so has had plenty of wear. 

I'm posting it here just to show how proud I am of my body and how un ashamed of it I am.

Swimsuit - Mums Catalogue (possibly Kay&co) circa 2010
Excuse the hair and make up less face. Two little siblings + one of me = demolished haha

I really want to buy the Swimsuits for all Polka Dot high waist bikini to replace this but right now money is tight. I'd love to rock it on my next beach holiday. Maybe I can trick my parents in to a early Christmas present ;). 



  1. This looks great on you. I really want to get myself a high waisted bikini but as with you funds are tight. I'm not going away this year so can't really justify spending money on it! x

    1. Thank you lovely. Me either :( I've been interning the first half of the year so I have no money. Holidaying with the girls next year thought to Ibiza. Can not wait. I'm hoping some UK plus size retailers will grasp we need high waist and start selling them for next summer haha x

  2. Love the polka dots swimsuit!

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  3. Wooop you go girl! Love the swimsuit!! xx

    1. Thanks lovely. Gutted the weathers taken a turn :( xxx