A must have trend up and down the high street is the comic book print. I was fortunate to pick up this comic book print midi dress from New looks Inspire Range.

This is the first print released and it sold out immediately. I loved how it popped out but wasn't too eye catching by not filling in the lettering. I love the body con midi shape as it is but on my first night back to Wales I knew this dress was enough to dress up but keep it casual.

I teamed it with a flash of neon, something I'm doing a lot recently. The night was full of drunken madness and laughter. Seriously missing London but I've missed my girls and it feels really good to be back at the moment (let's see how long this will last.)

I'm hoping this trend lasts for a while so I can wear this a couple of times.

I'm thinking of teaming it up with high top converse for a daytime look.



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