New Years eve

New year is always that night out that everyone becomes fixated on, and if it doesn't turn out amazing well that it the whole years ruined. I for one can vouch that it isn't true. New Years eve 2012 was awful, I'd just made the move to London and knew no one and the one person I did know was so fixated on the fact her boyfriend of a week couldn't come out because he was stricken with the flu. Anyway this New years, as soon as I knew I was moving back to London I had already told the girls to try book the time off. I was back to South Wales for Christmas but I would be back in London to New Year. One of my best friends Sarah booked it off straight away. The poa was to come up a few days before so I could take her to explore London. This we did, but when I say explore London I showed her Big Ben and the London eye for half hour then we hit Oxford street. My other best friend Sara-Jane (yes this name does confuse conversation) wasn't sure of her plans until 3pm New Years Eve when I got the call SHE WAS COMING. So yeah as well as my two flatmates my two best girls were here to bring in the new year. I can't explain how amazing it was, it wasn't even that much a drunken blur it was just the best way to end an already fantastic year, despite Primrose hill being a complete and utter mud bath. 

Here's a few pictures of the night anyway including what I wore:

Top - Old New Look Limited edition
Skirt - Primark