My fatkini

So as I'm sure all my UK readers know, Primark now are stocking size 20 clothing. As much as some of the things still don't fit (terrible sizing on Primarks behalf) some of the stuff is amazing if your looking for a quick bargain.

I went shopping to get some basics the other night, as I was lacking in plain t shirts and crop tops. When my eyes met this bikini I had to have it. Unfortunately there were no sizes past a size 10 left and my heart sank. Luckily my mum came to visit and to cure her addiction to tote bags with everything London on (only £1.50 in Primark), I made her come along with me to the Marble Arch store. I headed straight to the bikinis where the poor sales assistant didn't even get chance to place the bikini down. Stopping at a size 18 (bad Primark) I grabbed it out her hands. I didn't even try it on I just risked taking it home immediately.

So here I am in all my glory. The response on Instagram since I've posted has been amazing. I can not wait to rock this bikini on my weekend away to Italy in the summer, beach, bikini and wine (BBW? ahaha) 

I'm so impressed at the bottoms more than anything. I feel secure, sexy and confident. As much as I want the monif C and Swim sexy high waist bikini bottoms these definitely fit the bill for now.



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  1. Looking great! It's funny how Primarni sizes range from miles too big to tiny. I suppose pot luck makes it all the more thrilling when something does fit! X