#ShopMyWardrobeforLent Week 4 CONFESSION TIME

Week four has ended and I have a serious confession. With all the temptations of  the Sales beaten and the sadness of seeing things that have been in your saved lists, for months on end selling out at near enough half the original price, my brain and heart couldn't take it any longer and I have failed my none shopping quest.

A month of not shopping would have been ALOT easier, if it wasn't for the fact near enough every plus size store I shop at suddenly decided to go in to SALE.

I missed out on my fav cut for Evans pieces early on, I think the devastation of that made me fall in to a spiral of not wanting to miss out on other things.

I like to believe I'm very honest and I just knew I couldn't carry on the challenge without spilling the truth.

I honestly loved this challenge though. I've created outfits and worn things I haven't done in months. I've also been able to pull a few tags off of clothing bought months ago and never worn. 

I will definitely look more to my wardrobe for items to start with, than to rush out and buy and buy and buy for sure. I just think with the sudden change in seasons (how lovely in the weather?) my fashion concious mind was in overhaul of buying lots of pretty things ready for Summer.

Here's my favourite outfits of the four weeks.


Anne-Lise - http://muki7x7.co.uk


  1. oh dear! I have shopped a lot in the sale in the past few weeks but I have now decided ( after I've bought everything I wanted) to stop shopping for at least 35 days ( the 10th of May is my bday hahahah) x

    1. haha well I've just been informed by the creator of the challenge I might have not even broke it as I only bought a pair of shoes. hahahaha Mines the 14th :0 I will definitely have to shop before hand for a new birthday dress hahah xxxx