Souz x Bleach London

A few weeks back I was invited to an amazing event at Bleach London with Sourz Shots. 

The event allowed us to learn about all the different ways you can try Sourz shots, demonstrated by the lovely mixologist Joel, but also allowed us to try the bleach london hair crayons. 

As we soon we arrived we were shown all the different ways you can enjoy a Sourz shot. You can turn it into a long drink by mixing with different sodas, as well as creating a cheese cake shot by adding Bols vanilla liqueur on top of your favourite flavour. This was my favourite way to shot, choosing raspberry or the new toffee apple flavour as my favourites.

We had the opportunity to have colour put in our hair by the lovely girls at bleach, using the new hair chalk crayons. They were absolutely incredible, with such pigmentation and staying power.  It was like a colour explosion with all the coloured and delicious shots and the hair chalks. 

We were lucky to gifted the new Toffee Apple flavour sourz which is far too nice to even consider being alcohol and some hair crayons. The toffee apple flavour suited the Halloween period perfectly as well as using the hair chalks to perfect my mermaid costume on the night. 

You can find out more about what's going on with Sourz and Bleach London following their Twitter and Instagram accounts below.

Sourz toffee Apple is also on offer right now at Tescos for £8 ( I've bought far too many bottles over Halloween and Fireworks night.)


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