Anna Scholz Sweatshirt- Gummy Bear Print

Anna Scholz Gummy Bear Print Sweat Shirt Review

I just had to blog about these new printed sweatshirts Anna Scholz  has created. Each print is unique and each comes from such fun and interesting backgrounds. They are so easy to wear and super comfortable and warm. Perfect for those days where you need your off duty style to be spot on and effortless.

My favourite print has to be the gummi bear print (although that conclusion did take a lot of time to come to. How amazing are all the prints?) 
Being an avid Haribo eater, I could not miss the opportunity to wear my favourite little gummi friends. 

The print from a far sort of looks a little bit like snake skin, but when you look closely you can see all the sweets huddled together. And of course Anna so kindly lets us eat them after :p.

I paired my jumper with the amazing Svoboda jeans (from Anna Scholz also.) They lift my bum, hold in my tummy and the 360 stretch denim means these jeans are so comfy! They are almost like a jegging but they have all the features and look of a normal denim pair of jeans.

Check out Anna Scholz blog to find out the story behind the other three prints here 

Get your sweatshirt from now. Priced at £75 these really are a bargain and a chance to dip your toes in to the Anna Scholz designer brand.


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