I love solving mysteries and murder mysteries are no exception (that was meant to sound less weird than it did promise.) I just had to tell you about the amazing time I had at this blogger event with bgo,  Joe Blogs and Agent November 

Feeling like Sherlock Holmes (with added detective gear – see below) as soon as I arrived at Somerstown Coffee House, I was already sent on my first mission to find my detective badge and to come up with my alter ego for the evening.

Put in to teams of two we were lead upstairs to two private rooms that contained all the clues we’d need to hunt to solve the murder. Working collectively as a team we crawled under tables, looked behind photo frames and lifted up chairs to find every piece. We had to solve riddles, find keys, match codes all to solve who did it. Set against the other team we were given a time limit in which we had to finish it, and our team WON! WOO, with two minutes to spare.

Whilst waiting for the delicious food to be served we were given links to two games. My favourite game was Beach Life. I was given £1000 credit to start with which sadly wasn’t actually real cash. I think I may have had beginners luck because the aim was to get more than £1000 and I hardly went below that amount. My final amount submitted to the board was just under £1500, that again sadly I couldn’t walk away with L. I was in competition with blogger The Invisible Child and we had such a blast competing.

Thank you so much to Jo Blogs, Somerstown Coffe and Agent Novemeber for a fantastic evening. I’m already thinking of friends to bring along to the other events, and I’m still dreaming of the pigs and blankets and Yorkshire puds.

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