Festival Essentials : Anti Chub Rub Shorts

So music festivals are long days filled with the sweet sound of live music, sweet smell of cider and food (and the portaloos) and having a blast in the sun (with any luck.) Days of camping and going through tonnes of dry shampoo and wet wipes as there's no showers available , the last thing you need is a case of the chub rub between your thighs. Well fear no more as I have the secret weapon to fighting chub rub enjoying your weekend of fun.

I was introduced to the brand The Big Tights Company through Blogger Georgina, and then seeing them at events across the country. I knew them for their amazing tights but my eyes were opened up recently to their anti chafe shorts. Coming in short or long leg, with lace and in an array of colours, I just had to swap my old knackered shorts for some new ones to take away to Flow festival. 

Tried and tested I can honestly say these shorts are amazing. No riding up, not visible under clothing, breathable in the heat, my chub rub is no more. My last pair were so restricting but these I can sit without them digging in and restricting me . I got three pairs, plain black, black with lace and nude and I simply can't stop wearing them. The lace pair are amazing to show under a sun dress and give a real 90's feel, that is all the rage this summer. 

I've planned my outfits and these shorts really have given me the freedom and flexibility to just put any look together without having to think about my thighs rubbing and burning.

Being so light weight too, these are easy to wash and dry for the next day. As my washing machine is unpredictable I have hand washed mine on a night and simply laid out to dry for the next day. 

First of all I'll show you the fit of the plain short length shorts. I bought all three pairs in the 18-22 size. I'm roughly a 22/24 on the bottom but wanted a fitted fit and these are gapping, nor do they feel over stretched. These hit at a length where I am still able to wear short dresses, whilst hiding my modesty. They come up pretty high, which I like and they keep everything in place :p  

The black lace hem shorts fall a little further down, but I am totally digging this 90's look with the lace showing from underneath my dress. 

I can't wait to pack these in my case and head to flow with them. I can't wait to be chub rub free, whilst wearing the outfits I want. I'm seriously so thankful for the big tights company for bringing these in to my life. 


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