Festival Hair Style With Neal And Wolf

So the main aim at a festival is to look cool but make it look effortless. Whilst also trying to do you're hair on a small travel sized mirror in the outside of your tent, with no electric appliances. OH the glamour of festivals :p. Usually it's a slap job for me as I'm too hungover or busy trying to run to catch the first act I want to see, but I thought I'd give this festival inspired hair style a go by following Neal and Wolf's instructions. 

I started off by washing my hair at home with the luxurious harmony shampoo finished with the harmony intensive care conditioning treatment. The product felt soo lovely and washed and conditioned my hair intensively. I felt such a difference with my hair.

After towel drying my hair and before blow drying I added the smoothing blow dry balm. This helped keep my hair silky and smooth and manageable.

After using these products my hair felt sleek and soft and I was excited to start trying to follow the guide to do the ultimate in festival hair.

SO I must add before we start I'm not the greatest at hair. I can create awesome beachy waves, and can just about straighten it polka straight, but styles are my greatest. None the less I thought I'd give this plaited style a go (see the results for yourself below.)

Starting at the right hand side, I combed my hair into a parting 2 inches above the right ear.

I tried my best to continue to work a plait around my head in a circle. I think I sorta got it, trying my best not to be messy (LOL)

I sprayed my hair throughout with the super shine spray and the flexible styling hair spray to help hold the style in place.

I'm not sur eI nailed the style like a proper stylist would, but none the less I did like the idea and would definitely consider getting a stylist to do this style for me. I'd imagine not only with the products but the style it's self lasting well at a festival , and adding charms and flower crowns to switch the look each day. Perfect for your festival styling and easy to go hair :p.


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