Top Tips For Decorating Your House For A Birthday Celebration



If you know Cardifforniagurl you know I love to get creative. From my style, right down to my very first home, I am forever looking at ways to channel that passion. And if there is an opportunity to decorate for an occasion I am there. I have so many birthdays coming up, including my very own thirtieth and I intend to make the most of my second lockdown birthday and my friends. I’ll be throwing celebrations (covid safe of course) and making the most of celebrating with friends and finally being home near my loved ones.

Now if I can find something that makes my life easier, sign me up, and even better if it’s reasonably priced and will be complete unique. I recently came across Design Bundles online and they have managed to not only save me money but valuable time. The company began in July 2016, and they provide affordable digital products such as graphics, templates, mock ups designs, patterns, illustrations and craft Files. With a product listing of over 150,000 there are plenty of designs to choose from. It’s worth nothing that they specialize in connecting talented independent designers with customers through the easy to use design marketplace. They have so much to choose from that certainly takes the pressure off, whilst still having maximum impact.


I’ve picked out designs I’ll be using myself, that’ll compliment my ideas, and help me decorate to create memories of a lifetime.


Invitations -  Don’t forget to RSVP

Every celebrations needs an invitation. Using these templates you can create and print out fabulously designed invites ensuring you’ll get that RSVP. There’s also a selection of cards that are great to personalise to give to the lucky person who’s party it is. Something personal and thoughtful is always guaranteed to go down a treat.

home svg – What’s the wifi code?

Now if you’re anything like me home is where the wifi connects right? I need to have signal to post and share everything. This sign is a must so you spend less time giving out the password and more time mingling and dancing. I actually love some of the designs I want to print and keep up in my home all year long. Don’t forget to pick up your house svg signage 


If you’re creative but don’t know how to design graphics (yes it’s a creatives worst nightmare but you’re not alone), these signage templates are a must. From signs to shout happy birthday, to ones to simply direct your guests around and share what’s what, from the food spread, to the drinks at the bar. These signs are a must.


Set The Scene – Making memories with stock imagery

Now I love a good theme, but we don’t always have imagery readily available to help create that. Whether it’s back drops, or creating a fun engaging photobooth, Design Bundles have stock imagery for any theme or occasion. Allowing you to set the scene perfectly.

Social Media Templates -

Want to share and inform but using creative and stand out designs. Check out the amazing templates here for before and after the party. Add your photos and create stand out memories. Better still create, share, print and stick in a memory book after.

I can’t wait to get downloading & printing, hopefully creating a party to remember and memories that won’t fade.






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