Post Pandemic Dating - Glasgow

The pandemic put a hault on most things, seeing friends and family, going shopping, hell even going to work (with most still not back in the office) but the hardest thing for myself was a world without dating face to face. Meeting people for a drink turned quickly to swiping across apps and arranging zoom call dates. I thought I was already adapted to a pretty big digital world but nothing braced me for the world of digital dating quite like being thrown in to it. 

Adapting to the challenge as a 30 something old woman, I decided to take the challenge head on. What else was there to do other than one walk a day and binging that Netflix series over and over again.

Using a site like the Glasgow Dating Site I set my location ( for example for anyone in Glasgow Dating head straight here for that location to search singles in that area), update my preferences, I'd add some cute photos of me traveling, at a festival with friends, with the family pets, in my fave outfit........ you know the happy and positive ones that show you in your best light. Armed with a essay bio listing out my passions, what I like in someone, the messages came rolling in. But it didn't stop in the messages, along came zoom calls. Much like work you could have a party up the top, and pjs at the bottom to sit in comfort and relax, the bill was always split so no awkward end of date back and forth who was paying, and the drinks and food weren't half bad either if I do say so. 

To make it more fun I planned a few things which I think are perfect to connect and find out about one another.

Quiz night

The funniest date idea I had was quiz night – Taking in turns to ask general knowledge questions to find out out clued up your date was on the wider world. If like me you watch far too much tv and your heads in the celeb gossip type websites you’re sure to maybe not perform too well, but again it opens up the conversation and eases you both in.

This or that:

Before meeting virtually I'd try make sure we had something to speak about. Much like in normal circumstances I found this or that questions to be a real quick fire round of questions to find out more about the other person. It's a great and easy way to bounce off one another and trickle down to other conversations about their likes or dislikes.

Themed dates

I then started getting really creative trying to arrange themes. It normally came down to the food of choice, for example indian you'd get indian food whether super market bought/cooked/ or take out, This was another conversation opener on the lack of or not lack of creativity in your dates chosen dishes or what your must haves are and what you'd be willing to share or not in a real date in person.

Now the world has began to open a little, there’s still no reason to not maybe take the first step digitally. With apps becoming the norm, I did and still do miss the connection with someone in person. But seeing someone in their natural world digitally was the next best thing and really opened my mind up to dating in digital world. And Who’s not to say prince charming may be coming to a screen near you soon.

And remember do what feels comfortable and do only what makes you happy and safe.




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