As I unfortunately am working as many hours as I can to save for my move, this year is the first year I've had a rubbish Halloween costume and first year I've not done much to celebrate my favourite time of year. 

After #CFW I headed off to meet friends for a house party. I felt terrible as it was but thought It'd be a great idea to drink whilst taking medication. This as I learnt is not a good idea :(.

I did quickly make a costume thought to attempt to get in the spirit. Using old Halloween decorations, fake blood and a old white t shirt, I proceeded to create some sort of costume. The outcome ..............

Lady gaga gone wrong / walking crime scene.

It's a long way off last years dead Katy kitty cat.

Top - New look
Leggings - New look
Sequined ears - asdas

This by far was my favourite costume. I got to add a pin up touch with my hair and I felt confident all night. At that time I had lost a lot of weight and I truly began to see it and felt gorgeous, sexy and confident all night.

 What's everyones plans or costume ideas this year? Luckly it's payday for me so despite the early night for work the next day I think I might cuddle up with a pizza and a scary movie :)


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  1. Love all your outfits you hair is absolutely gooorgeous!