Skin care

I posted a few weeks back about changing my skin routine. After years of treatment for my acne I was left with scared skin which made me feel even more self conscious in my adult years. With the only option of saving for  laser treatments I started a few courses of microdermabrasion. This helped for the short term and made my skin glow but with the harsh weather and stress from work my skins gotten worse. My acne tends to flare up alot and my skin has a redness to it that makes my scarring look terrible.

A brand that I've used for years is Clinique. I used the type 2 three step for years but recently I changed to their anti blemish range. The next three images (apologies for the quality now) are roughly 2/3 weeks apart. I started the range using travel size samples given to me from an extremely lovely women who works at the Clinique stand at boots Queen street Cardiff. I then bought the full size products after being impressed by the change in my skin in the short amount of time there was.

This photo was taken 17th Sept before using the product. My chin is where I tend to build up the majority of spots and my scars are extremly predominant on my cheeks. Due to the colouring of the image you can't pick up the redness in my skin but at this stage I wouldn't walk out the house with out make up covering my face.

6th October - after using the products for 3 weeks I saw a noticeable difference in my skin. I tend to find my skin flares up when my monthly friend comes to visit but this month it seemed to come and go with in the day. The redness in my skin also has died down to and my skins come a lot brighter and radiant.

October 21st - My skin is currently smooth, normal and spot free. I can't believe the change in my skin from 5 weeks ago. The biggest change I find is with make up . It tends to stay on my skin all day and I don't have to layer on top. Another factor I think that'd helped with my spots disappearing. My scars are still visible but due to the redness in my skin calming there a lot less noticeable. 

I finally feel a bit more comfortable and confident in my skin and find I don't have to throw make up on as much or as thick as I used to. I still want to try some other products out from Clinique especially the  pore minimizer treatments but they are something I'll have to save for.

The anti blemish regime is something I will be sticking with for a long time thought and are products I'd recommend to anyone with problem adult skin


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