The 6th October I was fortunate to see Azealia Banks in the live flesh in Oxford. My two friends Sarah and Lauren and myself set off for a weekend away at lunch time. Starting in the hotel we headed straight to the concert venue. After 2-1-2ing for the majority of the night, we made our way to the busy, not to mention expensive streets of oxford where we told a lot of fabricated fibs. I was apparently on my hen weekend with the girls and it all spiraled from there.

Had an absolute blast the whole weekend though which made me realise how excited I am to start my adventure to London even more.

I dyed my hair back to black so my extensions made an appearance for the night. I also had a hair cut so my fringe was finally out of my eyes. I kept my make up simple using fake eye lashes to open my eyes up and a sheer pink lipstick to add colour to my outfit.

Here's a few snaps and my outfit I chose to wear......

Top - New look
Skirt - New look Inspire

Earrings - Primark
Necklace - New look

Azealia Banks Oxford Fantasea tour

Love Michaela 
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  1. I am so jealous you got to see her live & I adore your hair like that!

    Laura xo