£5 haul

Okay 'breathes.' With the move and the redecorating of my bedroom I need to get rid of shoes and clothing. I have sizes varying from size 16 to 22 and shoe sizes 8.

I've come up with an idea of a £5 haul. Every single item will be a fiver including shoes etc. Most items have been worn once or not at all (still with tags). Each item will of cost myself over £10 so I won't be trying to sell basic t shirts that cost £2 to begin with. 

The only problem comes with postage. I think with my week off I'll go to the post office and price it up. Maybe if I set it at one cost for everyone in the UK? 

Anyway ladies I basically wrote this post to ask what you think. Should I just directly do it here? or should I upload to ebay and set it at a buy it now price and post the link here for you ladies? (even thought ebay gets on my nerves)

I just need to get rid of it all and am in need of the extra money to save.



  1. Mic, message me over on FB with some stuff. I'll pick some stuff off the list for you easily and that way we don't have to worry about postage xx

    1. I'll take pictures of everything babe and upload and just let me know. I can drive them down to you then :).

      Having a HUGE clear out. Tbh I may price it even cheaper just to get rid.

      Was thinking of filling like a reusuable shopping bag and charging £15/£20 for whatever was in the bag?

      I dunno. just need to get rid hahahah


    2. I'm quite happy to take as much as I can afford since we're the same size babe xx

  2. I'd love to take a look at all of it whether it's ebay or not, I'm the same sizes as you in clothes and shoes x

    1. Amazinggg :). I've taken some pictures this evening of things soo I'll upload in the next few days and see if anything takes your fancy x