Xmas list so far

As I've gotten older christmas has become that time of year to get merry and actually spend time with the family rather than get loads of presents.

I've worked every christmas since the age of 16. that's four christmas's I've had to spend in a shop until 6 on xmas eve and then up on boxing day to get to work for 6am.

This year I'm finally having me time to sort out the move and to actually enjoy the season.

I've mainly asked for money to help fund myself in London and I'm also getting some new pieces of furniture in my room but there's some bits that I hope I can cheekily receive.

First of all a laptop case for my macbook. 
I haven't had a case on my macbook the whole 3 years I've had it.  I've got the white one and over the years it's now become scuffed and dirty. I can't bare, or afford to part with it so I thought a quick cheap solution would be a case.
Of course if santa is reading this I would LOVE a new macbook ;).

Secondly, Lush snow fairy.
A seasonal treat from my favs Lush. I first bought this two years ago. The scent is to die for. I always say it's like Katy Perry in a bottle. I always try to stock up on bottles of this due to it only being available this time of year.

Thirdly, hair extensions.
Desperately need a new set of hair extensions. My ombre completely ruined my hair. No matter what products I used and still use my ends keep breaking. Hair extensions are a sort of security for me and I always feel a little bit more glamourous when I wear them. I don't wear them daily but I would love to have a weave again some time soon.

and last but in no ways least, both of these Vivienne Westwood rings.

I was supposed to purchase the gold ring on my last payday. Due to pay being messed about and other expenses becoming more important I couldn't make the purchase. Grown up and well behaved Mic is not something that happens often ;) but due to saving I had to become that side of Michaela.
I'm hoping because I've been soo well behaved Santa will treat me to either of these rings. (or some money so I can buy myself. XL by the way santa ;) )

What are you girls expecting under the tree? Asked Santa for anything?


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  1. Enjoy your first Christmas off work! Hoping for a years supply of snow fairy under my tree too, it's divine isn't it :) x