Winter boots

For the past few Winters I've always treated myself to a pair of boots from New Look (got to abuse that staff discount) to last me the whole time through. I never used to feel the cold and would wear ridiculous footwear in the winter which almost always resulted in me being flu ridden for most of the winter months. 

I always struggle with finding a pair of boots that will either go around my ankle and calfs. This normally means I need to wear ankle boots and can only buy ones with a zip.

This year I've turned to Evans. I no longer have my discount at New Look but I'm also sick of not being able to turn to style over practically and actually being able to put the shoes on.

There's a few styles I really fancy trying when I next visit Cardiff...........

Can't decide on what pair yet. I need them to ideally last me to walk about London in so I need them to go with nearly everything I wear. 

Help ladies?



  1. Im having such an issue finding a pair of boots I really like this year. My hubby is going to buy me leather knee high ones for xmas but I just cant find a pair I like that arent rediculously priced.I like the 1st and last of the ones you have posted! Good luck
    Daisy Dayz

  2. Ooooh I got these on ebay and they have LOADS of room in them x

  3. ohh thanks hun :) will check it out. hate having wide feet. Boots are such a pain x