To keep or not to keep?

I recently bought items from Asos Curve. I'd had my eyes on both items for a while and seeing as I couldn't splurge last payday I treated myself to the two cheapest items. 

Fortunately for me the belt had been marked down and the skirt was £18.

I've wore the belt a few times. It's quickly becoming a staple accessory piece to inch my waist (my best asset). 

The skirt I'm still unsure about.  I have HUGE hips and a big belly. Usually pencil type skirts look okay so I'm not sure if it's the actual print that's putting me off.

Let me know Ladies what you think. I haven't got much time left to send the skirt back and I've been 'uming' and 'aring' all week to what to do.

The skirt has now sold out so I am reluctant to send it back incase I change my mind and then can't re purchase.

I can't wait for next payday though to have a tiny splurge on some new clothes for the move.


  1. You already have second thoughts about the skirt and I doubt that they'll go away...
    Get your money back and I am 100% sure you will bump into a skirt (or something else) you gonna fall in love with! :)

    Csilla xxx

  2. I'd say send it back if you're not totally happy with it, chances are you won't wear it..

  3. I love the skirt but I also say to send it back if you're having so many doubts. Personally I'd buy Spanx and rock the shit out of it!

    Laura xo

  4. haha decided to keep it ladies. I think I was having what I call a 'fat' day where I hate every single piece of clothing I own. Gunna rock the hell out of it this upcoming Thursday at my friends leaving do drinks x