Not sure if I should really post these piccys but I'm too excited not too. This is my new room as of the 28th Dec 2012. 

I'm dreading having a single bed but I'm hoping I'll be able to push the bed to the wall. For some reason I can't sleep without a wall next to me. Anyone else like this?

The room is actually really spacious and I like the decor and how simple and clean it looks. The lady currently has pictures of some R'N'B legends up. I may end up changing these. Looking for some new art to replace them at the moment especially from my amazingly talented friends.

I'm going to buy some boxes and organizers to try create more space and options to place my clothes and things, seeing as the wardrobe is relatively small. 

Was thinking of these simple solutions from Ikea.

(hoping I can get this in black)

As I'm hoping I won't be in the room much (too busy exploring) I want to try put my touch to it a little bit. Need to start collecting photos to stick around my new mirror to remind me of everyone back home so I don't feel too out of place.

I'm wayyyy too excited to move though. I have my last day in work tomorrow (16th) and then I have around 4 weeks to redecorate my room back home and pack before I can rest before Christmas. 

My brother recently had people 'living' in my room for a little while. Unfortunately all of my chest of draws got broke and my wardrobe door got snapped off.  I also recently moved home and I STILL havent unpacked. 

Moving away for three years meant my room become an extra room for my mum to hoard. Due to all of this my mum and I decided to have a major clean out and to purchase new furniture. (I may try to sell some items on here to earn a little extra cash.)

I love how white, clean and modern these pieces are. I'm going to buy two chest of draws so I have plenty of room and place them next to each other. The wardrobe is a tad on the small side BUT as with the room in London I'm hoping the storage solutions will help in making the most of the space. 
I just can't wait now to sort everything and finally move though.



  1. I have most of these things from Ikea and they hold up really really well!!! x

    1. Thanks hun. I can't wait to have a evening at ikea really. it's sooo much fun haha.

  2. I love Ikea. I need those chests of drawers! So excited for you!

    Laura xo