The move

So I visited London yesterday to view potential places to live. I didn't really want to tie myself in to anything so soon but the hunt for somewhere to live, right near to the studio I'll be interning at, and within my budget was proving more hard than I first imagined. 

I have finally found the place I'm going to be living at though. I will be a lodger in a home where a mum and son live. They were both really friendly and welcoming and even though the room only has a single bed the price and location are both something I can't beat. 

I'm 10 mins from the studio and 5 mins from Willesden junction station so I can have a cheeky 5 mins extra in bed in the mornings haha

My official leaving date is the 28th December 2012 and I honestly can't wait.

Please do expect ALOT of bedroom inspiration posts along the way. Even though I can't decorate I do want to find handy storage ideas and that to make my room more homely.

Love from


  1. I'm so jealous, I wish I had the guts to do something like this, what an amazing opportunity! Good luck :)

    If you get any time spare, please come and visit my blog :)



    1. Thanks hun. Of course I'll check it out


  2. I love bedroom inspiration. Please post lots!