Gemma Collins collection

I secret TOWIE fan the one character I grew to love through out the series was the lovely Gemma. Not only being a plus size lady I loved her attitude and feisty side and generally thought in the real world me and Gemma would get on like a house of fire.

It was music to my ears to hear that Gemma entered the world of fashion and created a plus size fashion range. I usually detest celebrity ranges and collaborations. Being a fashion student I think it's just a normal thing to hate really. Knowing the majority of celebs steal ideas from the creatives and simply have a yes or no input after the initial design stages whilst just slapping their names on it at the end with hope it'll sell. Anyway I won't go on haha.

I was really interested to see how the range would look and honestly with the first few items I was impressed. The only thing that didn't really draw my eye was the initial pricing.  Through out the months though it has become noticeable that some items have been introduced at a more affordable range.

I also love how Gemma her self wears and models the clothing. For me Gemma is an amazing icon for plus size ladies. I love her fashion line, her attitude and think she's truly beautiful.
Here are two dresses and a top I'm hoping to invest in.


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  1. I'm not usually a fan on peplum, but that first dress is beautiful! xxx