London Plus Size Fashion Weekend 2013

London FW

I’m so excited to say that I’ll be going to the first London Plus Size Fashion Weekend between February 15th - 16th 2013The event has been put together by Evolve Media and Trapped in a Skinny World to celebrate the UK plus size fashion industry, which I'm sure you've all noticed has exploded recently. 

I'm really hoping I'll be able to work at the event volunteering but if not I'm hoping to get to the event so I'll be able to meet other fashion bloggers, designers, retailers and lovers of plus size fashion. Moving to London is going to lonely but if I can meet other like minded ladies and network that would be amazing.
This is an industry close to my heart, not only being a plus size woman, but I researched plus size fashion through out my final year studying fashion promotion and will be working/interning within the industry from January 2013.
If I don't end up working the whole event, I will be attending the second day of the Weekend (Saturday) . The line up looks incredible. There's a clothing swap, a master styling class, a panel discussion and finally ending with a fashion show

The clothing swap requires you to bring 3- 5 pieces of clothing that you'd be happy to swap. I assume you swap the amount you brought or something but I'm looking forward to revamp my wardrobe with some new pieces knowing I won't be able to shop as much on the money I have to survive in London. 

I'm also excited for the discussion the topics on show on the website include 

  • On topics that affect our industry
  • How to become apart of the industry
  • How to contribute to the industry and many more.
I'm looking forward to gaining more knowledge and other peoples insights to all these topics. I really could of done with this in my research through out my final year (great timing ;) ).

The finale is the Fashion show it's self. The designers haven't been announced but the show will be hosted by one of my favourite TV plus size ladies at the moment Gemma Collins.

I really hope I get to go and network with people who could potentially change everything for me. This industry is something I feel passionate about and I can't not only wait for my interns but hopefully the start of something amazing in this industry. I also hope I meet some famous and influential plus size celebs ;). 

Are any of you ladies attending? Would be fab like I said to meet people and swap details.


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