Early Payday treats

I decided to treat myself a little bit earlier (due to discounts) to some new items for my wardrobe. I have noted before on my disco pant dupes from very.com. After 3/4 months of constant wear they are wearing thin and near enough all of the stitching has come undone (this was something that happened the moment I wore them). I visited the new Oxford circus Primark and found these amazing dupes for £16. I had to buy them and they are better than the very.com ones. The fabric is ALOT tighter so it holds you in amazingly and the overall appearance looks better to me. 

I bought these next two items during Asos 25% discount. I did want a cut out shoulder dress too but this had sold out. Instead I opted for these two items. 

ASOS CURVE Bodycon Dress In dobby mesh  (£25 on 26/1/2013.) This dress is simular to the mesh dress I bought. It has mesh arms and mesh covering the dress. This makes the dress sexy without showing too much. I love the shape, the fit and the polka dot mesh on this dress. Basically everything is right with it and I can't wait to rock it.

The next item is the ASOS Curve Exclusive Dip Back Top With Studs (£30 on 26/1/2013.) I had bought this a few months back but the only size available was a 24. I thought I'd buy as I wanted it bigger but size 24 was way too big and I just looked swamped in this style, that had already been made slouchy as a style feature. I waited for ages for Asos to bring this back and fortunately they did. I had um'd and argh'd over this top but with the discount I couldn't resist this purchase. I dressed this with the disco pants and it looked like a perfect outfit for drinks down the pub or a night with the girls and cocktails. 

I'm excited to wear these items out and about in London. The next organised night out I have is Feb 9th but I may have to pop out next (payday) weekend to showcase these items.



  1. Great buys, those dupe disco pants look lovely on! xx

  2. Thanks lovely. I bought some from Very but these feel a lot nicer and act like sliming pants haha


  3. be borrowing that dress I knows! xxxx