Tim Walker

So I've moved to London and I still felt as though I hadn't explored or done anything remotely cultural (I'm not sure you can call drinking every weekend cultural in anyway even if you did dance around iconic places and act like a idiot), SO on the 13th January I thought I'd take a trip to Somerset House to go to the Tim Walker Story teller exhibition (Daily 10.00-18.00, East Wing Galleries, East Wing, Free admission) Supported by Mulberry

I've been lucky to network with a bunch of brilliant plus size ladies and I took the opportunity to finally meet with a girl named Octavia who I'd chatted to for a few weeks. 

We both got on like a house on fire and decided a trip around the exhibition would make a perfect Sunday morning. 

The exhibition its self was amazing. The images were beautiful, some of which I had already saw and some that were completely new to my eyes. The most amazing aspect of the exhibition were the props used within his imagery being there right before your eyes. A replicar spitfire war time aeroplane greated you at the entrance , a giant doll sat in the corner following every move you made stood at the exit to watch you out,  a goulish looking skeleton hung above ready to jump out at you and life size creatures playing musical instruments sat 'partying' in the middle of a confused crowd. 

It really made you appreciate how talented Tim Walker is and how creative his work is. It's not just a photograph he takes but it's an imaginative scene set up to create a real life dream like idea.

The exhibition unfortunately ends on the 27th January 2013 but I would urge anyone in the area this weekend to get there.


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