British plus size fashion weekend 15th February 2013 Press day

The press day was the beginning of the start of British plus size fashion weekend. The event was not only used to launch the event but to create relationships and ease everyone in to what was the beginning of a huge change in the plus size industry.

I was fortunate to be given a dress from my amazing boss Anna to wear to this event, not only to represent them but so I felt and looked amazing ;).

The event started by an introduction conducted by the creators Rianne ward and Remi Ray. Blogger Jessica Kane then took to the mic then followed by Jo Swinson, minister for women and equalities. 
Whilst they all took turns to step up to the mic, I began to truly feel the passion and emotion amongst me and all the fabulous plus size women in the room.

The day it's self was tiring, hot and sweaty but I honestly wouldn't change I thing. I felt so proud to stop and glance about the room, taking in the view. Bloggers, press, designers, models, icons....All under one roof coming together to make a change. 

Despite trying to keep designers and models hydrated, cool and happy I was lucky enough to stop to greet plus size icons whom I had looked up to for years. 

I didn't get chance to meet as many people as I wanted but the day seemed to wizz by without chance to stop to take it all in.

After all the hard work moving stuff for the actual event The BPSFW gang met for tea. I am truly blessed to have become friends and to have worked with such loyal amazing people.

Here's a few pictures of the day. 

(Velvet Loved my ass ;) Never thought I'd have someone whom I admire so much who had ass envy ;) )


I had the chance for people whom I have admired for years to approach me to inform me how much they liked my style, my tattoos, my body shape and my attitude. I'm still completely mind blown to know I was in the same room and able to communicate with them. 



  1. Very inspiring! You look amazing in that dress! x

    1. Only just seen this. Thanks hun. Anna ended up giving it to me for all my hard work and for looking good in it :p so lucky x