British plus size fashion weekend 16th February 2013 The BIG event

After a restless nights sleep ( was too excited to sleep) I got to Shoreditch town hall to start to prepare for the amazing up and coming events that were in store that day.

A hectic morning of setting up the market hall, by 12 I had managed to get all venders in the hall, set up for the day. 

If you hadn't guessed I was in charge of the market hall. I found the whole experience really inspiring. Despite problems, I had positive responses from most of the people in the room some of whom rewarded my hard work at the end of the day. 

I managed to network a little bit more as it seemed a lot more relaxed through out the day.  The day revolved around cupcake eating,  updating my spring/summer wardrobe and making amazing contacts. 

I had such fun with Marcy and Jen at Cult of California's stand. Two girls who I would LOVE to keep in contact with.

I wasn't able to see much else of the day or the fashion show but I loved the responsibility of managing the market hall and had as much fun with everyone involved in the room.

Once the day was over I was lucky enough to reflect. This event was in place to bring Plus sized women together to create a stand against all negative things thrown our way. I can't explain how lucky I am to have met who I did both days and I'm lucky to have met friends for life in the BPSFW team.

Again here's some pictures: 

Top - Marc Jacobs (2009)
Skirt - Anna Scholz

I personally would love for people's experiences good or bad of the day, OR what did you think of the market hall?

I understand as a team member of BPSFW clearly the event needs some tweeks and changes to become an even more successful event. I believe we can all learn from the mistakes and bring those lessons learnt in to becoming even more successful.


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