Summer. now. please

Britain is notoriously known for its, how can I put it nicely, RUBBISH weather. Winter seems to loom about making me feel uninspired and down right miserable (I swear I have that SAD weather condition, me and winter are sworn enemies.) 

I'm not sure if it has anything to do with being constantly surrounded by the amazing Anna Scholz Spring Summer 13 collection that has brought on a sudden excitement and nostalgia, or if it's just due to being sick and tired of trying to guess the many shades and sudden changes in the weather. Either way I just know I would like brighter evenings, summer sunshine, short skirts and tight less legs and beer garden lunch dates with friends NOW.

I'm in a rut of not knowing if I'll still be able to fund myself to live in London or if I have to make the dreaded 'walk of shame' back to Wales to save even more to make the permanent move. Either way I hope to make it the best summer ever.

With festival announcements creeping up I have already decided upon my live summer playlist.

Already booked, I'll be attending Slam dunk festival. A mix of pop punk/ alternative music I attended my first festival two years ago and haven't looked back. This year has at least 6 of my all time favourite bands so I know I'm guaranteed to be leaving with a smile on my face.

I'm also planning on attending Hevy festival, V fest and Bestival. With lack of money though I can see me working the last two. A chance to get in free, watch all the bands and meet new people? Sounds good to me.

Anyway on to my recent purchases waiting ready to be brought to life in the spring/summer sunshine.

Living on what I call my 'intern budget' having a complete wardrobe overhaul isn't ideal. On visiting home I will swap some winter garments for spring summer things but the easiest way to update for me the next few months will definitely be accessorising and purchasing essential key pieces. 

I recently fell in LOVE with the whole big statement jewel necklaces with hints of neon. I was happy to see New Look had posted a recently on Instagram a new addition to store. This spared me to make an impromptu visit to Westfield's, nicely situated just a 15 min bus journey away from me.

I was happy to be greeted with buy one get one free on all jewellery. This obviously meant I had to buy it. 

These are four necklace I picked up on my visit. 

All New Look
Top left - £19.99
Top right - £15.99
Bottom left - £6.99
Bottom right - £14.99

The four necklaces should be able to update my current wardrobe to some sort of acceptable S/S look.

I then made another impromptu visit to Westfields Stratford whilst passing through on the overground. My first visit ever, I was happy to find the forever 21 stocked their + (plus) range. I was disappointed to be met with the collection being placed in a corner and poorly merchandised. My inner merchandiser could of spent the whole afternoon reorganising the space. It took everything within me to do so but I did make note to a staff member (which will probably fall of deaf ears). Anyway the sizing did confuse me a little bit but I did manage to find a handful of things to take in to the fitting room. I chose to size up on things but I was surprised to see they were too big. With my budget I decided to settle for a cute mint green polka dot top. Again with the sizing I discovered I had actually purchased a size 16 top which would explain the tightness on my boobs but apart from that it fits pretty well and is a welcomed addition in to my wardrobe.

Forever 21+ - £8.75

I think this will fit in perfectly to dress up or dress down in the summer. I especially love the mint colour! I think it compliments my skin and hair colour perfectly. 

Currently I have ALOT of items in my Asos Curve and Simply Be wish lists. With easter and my birthday coming up I think any money or gift ideas will be guided towards purchasing them all.

Has anyone else started planning a wardrobe update despite the cold weather?



  1. Love the top and the necklaces! x

    1. Thanks hun. Easy and affordable ways to liven up my wardrobe X