Payday Came early

So, as I'm sure I may or may not have mentioned I get paid expenses at Anna. Seeing as I walk to work (5 min walk) I collect my expenses to top up my Oyster, buy food for lunch at work and home and I treat myself with some of the money.

This payday I decided to purchase two dresses, one of which I've wanted FOREVER.

They aren't very adventurous I admit but I think they are key pieces that I'm going to be able to dresses several times, this being something I need to adapt to and keep in mind when buying things seeing as I can't splurge like I used to.

I had wanted the cut out shoulder dress for ages but it had sold out. I waited and luckily found it was a piece brought back to sale. I also a few months ago wanted the Asos Curve Swing dress. At a hefty £45 I couldn't justify spending the money. When I logged on this morning though this beauty turned up at a budget friendly £18.

I bought both and will update to how they look and if I'm keeping when they arrive.

Another treat to myself was Beth Dittos memoir, Coal To Diamonds. I'm excited to fit in with the daily commuters on the tube reading this book off of my Iphone. 

Anyone else bought anything nice this payday?


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