Fy daith yn ôl i gymru

So after three months of not going home I decided to make the trip back to the homeland to see my family and friends.

A short affair, I could not go back without a mental night out to Newport ( coincidentally this night was the launch night of my best friends boyfriends bands album. Mouth full!! ha)

I had literally 48 hours in which to squash all my visits in and to have an amazing time, so all systems were go the moment I got off the coach.

My girls has arranged a suprise for when I got off by making a huge banner and greeting me balloons and cupcakes. Not sure what I've done to have such amazing friends.

The next day I went for an over due dinner date with my best friend Sara-Jane to Harvester. Three courses down I was truly stuffed. 4 hours late gossiping it was time to get ready for the antics ahead.

Of course I had to watch Wales (obviously win) against England whilst getting ready.

I chose to wear my ASOS CURVE bodycon dress in dobby mesh. I teamed this with my New Look necklace, seen in my earlier post.

I felt confident and sassy and ready to show Newport what it (obviously) had been missing ;).

Here's some pictures from the weekend:

To finish the weekend off I went for breakfast with my mum ( suffering doesn't sum it up - Hangover from hell) and I visited my dad. My influence is clearing rubbing off on my little sister who got (glitter) tattoos like her big sis ;). Clearly an influence my parents hope doesn't rub off when she gets older.


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