Living for the weekend

So this week has been a crazyyyyyy one. Never been so busy so I thought a round up would be in order. I'll post through out the week but let's start with Thursday. 

As you may know Mon - Thursday I'm interning with the Inspire team at New Look Head Office. The placement is currently going amazing.  Never did I think I'd enjoy having to get up at 6.30am but right now it's going fab and I'm loving all the things I'm learning. 

Anyway back to the point! THURSDAY

Top - New Look
Jacket - New Look
Trousers - Asos Curve
Shoes - Primark
Bag - New Look
Necklace - New Look

So thursday I was invited to the Marisota S/S 13 event. A chance to indulge in a spa treatment whilst looking at clothes (my idea of heaven.) I met up with Sharon before so we weren't walking in alone. We were greeted by members of the team and offered Starbucks and nibbles. We had a quick glance at the clothes but were whisked away for our treatments. I opted for a much needed de stressing massage whilst Sharon went for a manicure (the colour she chose was so nice.) The massage was incredibly relaxing. I felt like a lot of weight had been lifted off my shoulders and Ive found the back ache and the terrible headaches I've been getting lately have vanished over the weekend. 

The collection was impressive, grouped in colours, it looked like a clothing rainbow. The prints were colourful, playful and bold. I especially loved the floral print on the bomber jacket. The swimsuits really caught my eye, giving a really 50's feel to the shape and patterns. 

The event it's self was great. I'm keeping my eye out for the polka dot midi.

I then was fortunate to go to the launch party for Danielle Vaniers 'Seven Sisters' new social opera series. The location was amazing ( Islington metalworks.) I couldn't stay as long as I'd have loved to due to having to meet one of my best friends at Paddington station but it was great to see so many familiar faces. Download the app (search Seven Sisters) and watch the drama unfold. The concept is really interesting and clever. I'm hooked!

At paddington (a little bit tipsy may I add) Octavia and I scoffed down burritos and then made our way back to heres for a huge catch up (don't ever leave me for 3 weeks again.)

I had thee best nights sleep, much needed after a busy day.

Will update on the rest of the weekend this week

All of the collection is available from The Marisota website