New Look Inspire Placement

So I have no images today (there's a first for everything) but this post is a quick update on me. 

There's no secret to what industry I want to work in. From as young as I can remember fashion (more sewing in the younger years) has been a part of my life. My nana, one of my biggest inspirations in life, used to work in the factories sewing up in Durham and all my life I have been surrounded by, whilst experimenting with (to obviously find my own style) lasting fashion trends, fads and continuous knitting, sewing and making.

I've always been imaginative and creative, a positive remark made on every school report. When it came to options for Gcse's Art and Textiles were obvious choices. This spurred a choice to take Fashion & clothing at college. Through working out my strengths and weaknesses during the different modules, and wanting to chose an enjoyable career choice I moved on to fashion promotion in uni. It's no secret I didn't really get on with uni. I'm not sure whether the continuous leap from school, college, uni did it, or whether the restraints and the happenings that went on affected me too much to want to enjoy it, either way upon graduation I knew I had to pick up the pieces, make some money and gain the vital experience I needed to make me stand out in the crowd of thousands of other graduates in my field.

As you know I was fortunate to be taken on as an intern at Anna Scholz. The three months their inspired me more than words. To meet someone I had looked up to, talking to me and encouraging me. The placement was amazing and I've never been so sad to leave a place from being there such a short amount of time.

I also managed to be involved with the British Plus size fashion weekend, which again inspired me to reach my goals and never give up. It was a much needed push to get my toes in the door ( hopefully my whole foot will be wedged in soon.)

I'm now an intern within New Look Head office, specifically the inspire team. A placement I've been sorting after since working with the brand instore (Team 1932 WOO) from 2009. Timing must have something to do with it because after 3 years of trying last year I was lucky enough to be placed with the team for 3 months. 
 starting April '13)

I've been here now for roughly three weeks and although the days are intense and busy, the experience and work is brilliant. The team are all friendly and welcoming. I feel I've adjusted and feel a lot more independent and knowledgeable with what I want to pursue career wise and what goes on within the retail world/environment.
Like I said no pictures today (don't want to suprise or give the collections away haha) but this was intended as just a quick update on what's going on in my world.

With the long hours I don't get chance to really get home to do much (in through the door , hollyoaks, tea, shower, tv and social media catch up then sleep. my typical day.) Admittedly it's more the commute that takes it out of me (Oxford street rush hour GRR :@), and I haven't had chance to post much with the spare time I have had, but I have bought (despite being on a spending ban - EPIC FAIL) some new goodies to post about and schedule.

Hope you haven't missed me too much


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