My future

Always having an interest in the plus size industry and fashion from comprehensive school age, I was never encouraged to proceed in making clothing to fit plus sized woman. Being seen as too much of a challenge, when all the other kids could wear their creations I was stuck styling my outfits on smaller sample sized women whilst then locking the outfits away in a dust bag to gather dust. 

In college designing soon became a hobby and my interest fell more alongside the promotional aspects of fashion. Heading forward to uni I decided to study the more academic sides of fashion rather than practical and material.

My third year research revolved around the plus size industry, a time where a lot of exciting things were happening and the industry itself was being noticed as a money maker for a lot of high street retailers, whilst taking on board the want and need for trend lead plus sized clothing amongst plus sized ladies like myself .

Through this research I gathered contacts and eventually when I graduated, saving for a few months before, I made the move to London at the beginning of 2013. I was fortunate to work alongside a woman whom I had admired for a while, Anna Scholz and was also lucky to gain an internship with the New Look Inspire team. 

The whole 6 months were hard work in regards to problems behind the scenes and also lacking of money but the experience and contacts I made were amazing.
I was fortunately considered an interest when a position popped up at Annas HQ. Preparing the best I could the way to the interview was intense and crazy.  The interview itself was fine though and when walking out I felt like I had a lot of opportunity to get the job.............

and that's where the story ends/just begins. 

I was lucky enough to impress Anna and her team, enough for them to take a chance on me to fill the position. SO in three weeks time I'll be making the move again, working with Anna Scholz and her team. 

I truly can't be grateful enough and I'm so excited to get there to show what I'm made of. This is only the beginning of my career and making a mark within the plus size fashion industry. I have the support of friends and family and knowing I now have the trust off of an industry professional I've admired for years I can't explain how excited I am now for my career future. 

I'll be blogging on Anna's official blog as of when I start but I will be keeping this updating it as much as I can with my own personal adventures.



  1. Michaela that's amazing! So this is a paid job this time? So excited for you!!!!


    1. Hey lovely, Yep all paid :) It's maternity cover right now but I just know this is going to be my foot on the career ladder. So excited but overwhelmed trying to find somewhere to live haha xxx

  2. I'm so happy for you - you really deserve it and you will have an amazing time, what an opportunity to get! xx

    1. Thank you lovely. I know I'm so grateful and hope this is the beginning of an amazing career :) xxx

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