Purple haze

SO as you know I'm making the move to London again. I've found the dream flat and will be sharing with amazing flatmates. The new refurbished flat has a noticeable purple theme in all rooms with the kitchen being no exception. Only being partly furnished I'm excited to be able to my mark in my room and create a inspiring and tranquil space. 

To utilse my space fully I've decided I'm not going to have a desk but I do want space to stand photoframes etc so I'm looking to buy a tall chest of draws like this 

I want all the furniture to be white so it's clean and crisp and I'll highlight with purple features.

I also want a free standing mirror. Full length of course so I can take my outfit selfies in. This mirror is perfect but I would need to get the gloss paint out and coat it in white. 

Both of these pieces of furniture are available to buy from here

I'm also looking to get a clothing rail so I can hang pieces of my clothing and place my shoes underneath. Although I hate moving, I do enjoy making my mark and decorating. It's definitely a love hate relationship I've learnt to try to enjoy with moving nearly 4 times in the past 3/4 years but I'm pretty darn excited to move to what I hope will be my permanent home.



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    1. Thank you lovely. It's what instantly drew us to viewing it. Luckily we fell in love with it and it fell well within our price range haha Xxx

  2. Well done you! Enjoy every minute of it but never forget you're Welsh! :-)

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