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A brand I was fortunate to work with during British Plus Size Fashion week, have recently released their new collection on evans. I have a love hate relationship with Evans as a brand. I've always made an instant connection believing it's for the older woman, as my mother has always shopped there, but it has updated recently. Bringing new exciting brands to the collection has made me more aware Evans is trying to change and update to fit the newer plus size market. 

Here's a few pieces from the new range I can not wait to get my hands on:

If you haven't guessed my favourite colour is purple. Noticeably a lot of the new collection is in this deep rich purple colour, of which I've probably chose all the pieces to sit in my wardrobe. I can already picture how I can wear these items from day to night, instantly transforming my look and being worn in several different ways.

Have you got any favourites in the collection?


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